Wise School Transfers

This is a web and mobile app that has everything you need to streamline the student school transfer application process.

No more paper pushing!

If a student previously enrolled, the parent or guardian inputting the student information will be included from the current SIS system.
The user will be able to update information if needed.
When the parent or guardian is finished with the document, they may then submit the transfer document to the school system
This program will allow parents to go to the website and input the necessary information for a student transfer.
The form will require key information so the transfer request follows the rules of the system.
Any new student will fill all required fields. 

The Back Office System

The back office system will be the information which the central office staff will make decisions and record information.

The transfer system will be historical by academic year.

Each Submitted document will show a status, time and all necessary fields required by the system.

The system will allow the users to mark submitted documents in accordance to system policy.

Reports will be available for printing and delivering to the parents/guardians after selections are made.

There will be a web application developed to specification based on final requirements in the Planning & Design.

This program is best advertised via web-demonstration.

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All follow-up contact will be based on your requests

Our Pledge

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