Wise Horizons 504

This is a web and mobile app for 504 plans that enables state-specific reporting with an ease-of-use that eliminates the need for extensive software training. This program includes 504 forms, updates, and student information, and operates similarly to existing IEP programs for educators.

The 504 App will create the forms and tracking necessary to follow a student through their time in the program.
The central office staff will be able to make decision and record information based on the criteria required for each child.
 There will be a web application developed to specification based on final requirements.
Implementing sections, manifestation determination, and other forms and documents as needed.
Each child will have a profile folder that will keep their current academic year as well as their entire history.
The application system will be historical by academic year.
Reports will be designed for:
Printing draft or finished forms,
Regular list reports,
School tallies, District tallies,
Free formed data to be dumped to excel, word, or pdf.
The system will allow the users to:
Keep Track of key dates, eligibility,
referrals, accommodations,
releases, physician’s statements,
meetings, Student’s rights,
programs, achievement data

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