Wise Academic Technology

Making the Wise Choice

While it often makes sense to implement off-the-shelf programs in order to save money and time, these solutions can lack critical features and may contain many needless components that can be overwhelming and obstructive.

Wise Solutions

Wise Technology specializes in applications customized to:

  • your school system’s needs
  • your particular workflow

As a customer of Wise Technology, if your organization would like to adjust or add new features, we are ready to meet those needs without interrupting your operations.

Wise Specialties

  • We specialize in custom, web-based applications with seamless mobile app integration
  • We have existing programs that can be tailored to the needs of your state, district or school

Whether you’re a state department of education, large or small public school or district, private school or charter school, we can provide you with real-time, secure, database driven solutions, enterprise information systems, and mobile applications. We create user-friendly applications that work for you.

Wise Innovations

Our enthusiastic and skilled teams are ready to create innovative web and mobile applications that will help your organization outshine the competition.

Wise Academic Products

All programs can be tailored to the needs of your state, district or school.

This is a web and mobile app for keeping track of vehicle inspections at the state level. Integration capability with the Wise School Transportation Program.

This innovative program manages all buses and vehicles in your Transportation Department’s fleet.  The program also manages all departmental inventory, work orders, trip planning, routing, and staff.  Capable of integrating with the Wise State Inspections program, Wise Transportation will keep all of your state and local records in one amazing program.

This is a web and mobile app designed to the unique needs of charter schools, magnet schools, and academies. This application will, among other things, allow you to set up the criteria for your random student lottery selection process.

This is a web and mobile app for 504 plans that enables state-specific reporting with an ease-of-use that eliminates the need for extensive software training. This program includes 504 forms, updates, and student information, and operates similarly to existing IEP programs for educators.

This is a web and mobile app that simplifies the Pre-K student application and selection process. Features also include online parent engagement and all student registration information.

This is a web and mobile app for safeguarding school security.

This is a web and mobile app that has everything you need to streamline the student school transfer application process. No more paper pushing!

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